The first line was launched with a purpose to make high-end designs available to all women. Featuring an exclusive assortment of high-end evening gowns, this deluxe collection consists of materials and cuts that richly reflectthe refined beauty of the designer’s work. Distinguishable by its superior cuts, exquisite detailing, and remarkable design, every piece reflects the label’s easy-to-wear signature while perfectly capturing classic glamour through intricate detailing.

Tailored for the unconventional bride, GEMY MAALOUF’s bridal collection captures a distinct style that is at once modern, trendy and perfectly elegant, featuring simpler cuts with a romantic flair. The collection has been featured at Bridal fairs in Europe and USA: Si Sposaitalia in Milan, White Gallery in London, the Bridal Fashion Week in Barcelona, the New York International Bridal Week and Interbride in Dusseldorf.

Driven by her passion to cater for every woman’s fashion fantasies, Gemy Maalouf decided to extend her main line by welcoming a second line of evening wear: Beside Couture by GEMY. With the same feminine and luxurious spirit, the new addition provides the GEMY MAALOUF’s spirit, design and style through an accessible line that aims at satisfying various tastes and a larger base of shoppers.

Meet Gemy Maalouf

It all started with a little bit of genes and a whole lot of passion. With a father owning a fabric factory, it wasn’t surprising for little Gemy to inherit a fondness for textiles that would soon blossom into exceptional talent. In this fascinating world of colors and materials, Gemy found her inspiration but also, endless opportunities to create beauty. This is when she knew that fashion is where she belonged, making her own way in a world she vowed to sprinkle with freshness and magic.

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Lamitta Frangieh in GEMY MAALOUF
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